About ComfiCheeks

Comfi Cheeks Co., Ltd is a company created by bikers, for bikers.
We are based in Bangkok, Thailand, and have a passion for motorcycle touring.

We believe that for a biker to really enjoy their motorcycle touring, they must be as comfortable riding as possible! So, we have designed Comfi Cheeks™ motorcycle seat pads to help you enjoy your riding adventures without having to stop so often because you have ‘numb bum’!

Why make motorcycle air seat pads?

We tried a number of different products ourselves over the years and were not satisfied with their performance – what’s the point of having a seat pad if it doesn’t keep you comfortable when touring all day!? – and so we set about designing and manufacturing our own products.

For us, there were a few things we wanted to do better: the type of seat pad we would use; the shape of the seat pad so it is comfortable for all; and, the fixing system to easily attach the seat pads to a motorcycle.

Having researched and tested different product types, we settled on using an air bladder. Using an air bladder with connected cells means that when sitting on the motorcycle the air helps distribute your weight across the seat pad, reducing the pressure points on your bottom and helping to keep blood flowing – this is the key to avoiding ‘numb bum’.

Having settled on using air bladders we then turned our attention to designing a seat cushion which would suit as many people as possible. Let’s be honest, we are all different shapes and sizes! But, when we sit down, we all kind of have a similar ‘bum print’ shape on a seat, and when we analysed this we saw that the shape was kind of circular. So, we designed Comfi Cheeks™ seat pads with this in mind, adding a cut-out at the rear of the pad for a smarter fitting on most motorcycle seats.

Finally, we wanted to have a fixing system for the seat pad which was quick and easy to use, especially at the end of a long ride when all you really want is a shower and a cold beer! The Comfi Cheeks™ unique fixing system uses a Velcro base strap which affixes to the motorcycle seat and the seat pad itself has the ‘male’ Velcro on the underneath, meaning to attach it you simply place the seat pad where you want it – it really is as easy as that! Using this system also means it is quick and easy to move the seat pad forward or backwards on the bike, so that everybody can find the optimum position for their Comfi Cheeks™ seat pad.

Product testing

Having designed the seat pads, the next step was choosing and testing hard-wearing materials that would be durable but also comfortable to ride on. Once the correct materials had been selected, the prototype seat pads needed testing…enter, Mike Gagne!

Mike is a retired Canadian living in Thailand. We had ridden together many times, and as Mike is retired, he has spent the last several years exploring South East Asia on his motorcycle. Mike was already using a different brand of seat pad on his bike, but when he heard about the Comfi Cheeks™ project he was happy to be our test rider. Over the course of 50,000+kms, Mike was using his Comfi Cheeks™ seat pad on his Honda NC750x in a variety of countries and conditions, reporting back regularly on how the seat pad was performing. This testing period gave us a chance to assess the durability of the materials, the air bladder and the fixing straps, so that we have full confidence in our Comfi Cheeks™ products to perform how they are designed and manufactured to do.