The Comfi Cheeks seat pad is a removable seat cushion for your motorcycle, making you more comfortable on those long rides. The seat pad, with an inflatable bladder inside, is designed to allow you to adjust your seating position, moving the pressure points when sitting on your bike and so helping to keep blood flowing and slowing down the onset of ‘numb bum’!

Each Comfi Cheeks seat pad has a universal fixing system which is quick and simple to attach to your motorcycle.

Included with every Comfi Cheeks seat pad are two options: non-scratch hooks and a clip-lock system – you can use whichever is best for your motorcycle seat. Once you have installed the straps on to your seat, the seat pad simply attaches to them, using a secure velcro fixing.

Clip Locks

J Hooks

Comfi Cheeks motorcycle seat pads have been designed using an ergonomic circular shape, giving riders maximum comfort whilst fitting most motorcycle seats. There are two sizes available:
28.5cm Wide
34.5cm wide

Available in 7 colours: